We have been Featured!!!! *insertsmoonwalk*

....feature on BellaNaija


When I decided to start a blog, I knew why and what I wanted to talk about but I spent a lot of time questioning myself – that I may be too occupied to consistently write and keep my blog going – yes, i’m still struggling to post once a week 🙁 , and the fear that what if I wrote and nobody read it?

But finally; I decided to beat my fears and start blogging – because life is too short to be at war with yourself, RIGHT?

Then I started the blog (long before I announced it) and I didn’t really expect much from it except gratification. I love to write, I have always enjoyed writing. If you know me, you know I’m always the one talking! I over share, I’m brutally honest and I love being me!

So on Monday one of my very many rants (in the form of an article lol) was featured on Bellanaija (BN) http://www.bellanaija.com/2016/03/oby-o-a-tale-of-two-abilities-the-perspective-of-one-working-mom/

Now, this feature on BN has (interestingly) garnered a lot of “controversy”.

To sum up – this controversy has made me decide to be more clear about what my goal is on my little (but growing) mommy blog. It’s pretty simple really – I’m not on “Team Working Mom” or “Team Stay-at-Home-Mom” or “Team Breastfeeding” or “Team Formula.” I’m on Team Mom.

Now I know countless number of women long before me have embraced and (perhaps easily) dealt with motherhood and women wayyyyy after me would continue to do it; and I don’t undervalue their own struggles.

But I will unapologetically continue to candidly share my random joys, trials and triumphs in mommyhood with a side of humor, because if it helps / inspires / encourages one person – just one person – then I have done something good!!!

Talk about a feeling of pure awesomeness! So I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. Without having you guys I don’t know if I’d get the same feeling. I would still write, definitely. All the time. Annoying people en mass like I do (hahaha) because I don’t give up. I just wouldn’t have awesome readers who give me feedback and leave me love! (comments)

I may not be the best writer but I certainly enjoy BLOGGING – even if it’s about something as “simple” as being a mom lol

So never give up on something that makes you happy. Something, anything that helps make you, YOU! Give it your all and GO BIG! You won’t regret it!

Love & Light,

Mrs O.



  1. Everything one does is either praised or condemned. One would be a fool to quit based on people’s ill words. Keep doing you, and keep writing intelligibly as you’ve always done?

  2. I so love your blog. Seriously, I’m inspired to start something for the single ladies like myself. Finding the balance between being single and the search for ‘Mr right’.


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