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My little nuclear family...

It’s Thankful Thursday!!!!

I know being a mom can get you all caught up and busy that you may forget to take a deep breath and appreciate the Little Big Things. So I’ve decided to do a Thankful Thursday series where I’ll remind myself what I’m thankful for. It could be anything…. Basic stuff, not so basic stuff lol so today:

I am thankful for the internet; I don’t know how the world functioned without it!!!!

I am thankful for silence. I think my appreciation for silence started when I had J. In mom mode we are in constant movement. So de-stressing at the end of the day is necessary for me; just a few minutes to myself…alone…with a cellphone in hand (thank you, internet!!)

And today I’m especially thankful for The Hubs – my partner. Without him we would be nothing. It’s not about having everything or anything, it’s more than a roof over our heads and food on the table (thank you though lol), it’s about what we are, where we are now and how we are growing together through he good, the bad and the ugly. Without him we wouldn’t be who we are, I wouldn’t be who I am. He continues to encourage me, if I want to go to the moon, he’ll pack a bag! He’s helped build my self-esteem and even though sometimes he doesn’t like me so much, we love him so dearly!!!

The Hubs
The Hubs

He’s my no. 1 fan, perhaps my only fan lol

What are you thankful for??

Love & Light,

Mrs O. 




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