Prioritization is not a luxury, it’s a necessity…

Before this picture, i had: bath J, said our morning prayers, had breakfast together, got ready for work, made our smoothie for the day and prep'd J's lunch....

Isn’t it funny how prioritizing can SEEM so obvious, but somehow we forget to do it?

If you follow my snap chat (@oby_o), you’ll see that I try to keep a consistent schedule – I found out (the hard way) how important it is to set my priorities for the week.

Setting priorities is a way to get more balance in life, and increase your productivity. But as a (working) mom it’s one thing to set priorities and another thing to actually stick to the schedules / priorities you have set for yourself. And if there is anything I’ve learnt in motherhood, it’s that kid(s) don’t always care about your da*n schedules loool!! There’s no scheduling for poop time is there? Heck, I can barely schedule sleep time!!!

By failing to prioritize, I find myself being over-committed with meetings / consultations, work, play dates, swim lessons, home lessons, lunch dates, family functions, religious responsibilities, exercise (or lack thereof) and sooooo on!!!

Especially of late, I have to say, I’m extremely unqualified to be giving any tips on “the Balancing Act”. Currently, I’m overwhelmed with being overwhelmed. My desk at work is a mess, my emails and DM‘s are yet to be replied, I’m definitely not getting enough sleep, I don’t drink nearly enough water, I haven’t gone to the gym is almost 2 weeks, and with my blog coming up there is desperate need to prioritize!!!

Desperately trying to beat deadlines #FML
Desperately trying to beat deadlines #FML

I think many of us somehow overlook to take the time to consciously map out our priorities in great detail. So instead of thinking about your priorities in a broad, general sense, what you can do is figure out (and note down) what you want to accomplish; given the definite number of hours in the day and days in the week, and then cut out those things that there isn’t time for.

Even I need this at the moment…..I need to prioritize, and revisit my priorities regularly. At least that way, even if I can’t do everything I want to, I would know I have chosen to spend my time the way I did.

Does prioritizing seem to help you? if you try it, drop a comment, if you don’t need to try it please share how you manage your schedules.

Love & Light,

Mrs O.



  1. Your posts have been very educative so far, thank you for sharing. I not only enjoy reading the posts, I’m also loving the photos because I’m getting some fashion tips too : ) I was also wondering if the font could be bigger?

    • GREAT!! i need to up my photography skills for those work outfit posts but don’t worry we are working on something, and even more focus ont he work chic style section. You should subscribe to the mailing list (it’s free) so you’ll get updates on new posts. Stick around, you’ll love it x

  2. Prioritising is something I definitely need to get better at right now or as I like to tell my husband, I need to become mors purposeful with my time.
    I am really struggling to balance work/academics/writing/an eight month old/ family life in general.
    This post really resonates with me. Thanks for it.


    • Thank you Hun! Prayer is key!! i’m blessed to have learnt this a long time ago.

      You should subscribe tot he blog so you’ll get notified when there’s a new post. I’m think you’ll like what we have coming up x

  3. your post is everything. I can understand how it feels trying to manage work and baby plus not getting enough sleep. for me I just simply make use of every opportunity I have once it’s available.

    • Hey hun! I’m working on a post on my “post baby bod” routine.

      You could subscribe to the blog (it’s free) so you’ll get notified when there’s a new post. I think you’ll like what we are working on hun, stick around x


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