Pregnancy Diary – v1 (week 4 – 13)


OMG! I’m pregnant! I’m really pregnant! I’m going to be a mum to another baby! How weird is that? I’m totally excited and totally terrified both at the same time. I knew something was up as my period was two weeks late, plus I had the whole classic run-up – really grumpy mood, spotty face, nausea – then nothing.

My original plan was not to say anything to the Hubs for a few days and see if he makes a guess but as soon as he got back home it just burst out of me – I’m rubbish at secrets.

Anyway, I have decided to get started with my weekly updates that will form part of my pregnancy story. When I was pregnant with J, I got a lot of out of reading other women’s stories and weekly updates on my favorite pregnancy apps and websites like “What to expect”, and this is my inspiration for doing this myself.

Plus I think that aside from being an informative read, these updates will serve as a fun journal to look back on once our sweet baby is welcomed into the world, and grows up to be a young man or woman. So without further ado… I’ll lump the First Trimester into one (very long but hopefully not too boring) post.

Week 4

– Double confirmed my pregnancy with the Gynecologist who did my antenatal blood test. It was way too early to detect my pregnancy via the ultrasound scan so the Gynae asked me to come back to see her when my pregnancy was about 7 weeks.
– We’d decided not to tell anyone until I’d got to twelve weeks, but keeping it a secret didn’t last long. When I travelled to visit my parents that weekend, I simply had to tell my mom. She said she’d known something was up (using those extra special mum powers of hers, I guess).
– Experienced light-headedness, backaches and constipation.
– Took 2mg folic acid (because my iron level is low), prenatal vitamins and progesterone pills on daily basis, as recommended by my Gynae.

Week 5

– Experienced major bleeding when I returned from visiting my parents, went to the ER, and had to run some tests.
– had to take a 2 week break from work for a Dr recommended bed rest.
– Felt super nauseous and super hungry at the same time, all the damn time lol
– Had no interest in doing my hobbies like playing dress up or blogging
– Continued taking folic acid, prenatal vitamins and progesterone pills on daily basis

Week 6

– Had my first ultrasound scan to make sure my pregnancy was okay – we could not see the baby yet but we saw the 1.5cm amnion sac
– Nausea seems to be prominent at night, almost non-existent during the day
– Still staying home on bed rest, no work, no blogging.
– Lost my appetite, possibly due to the flu. Feeling very bloated.
– Finding it harder to button up my pants as my waistline seems to be growing so early on due to the bloat
– Still took 2mg folic acid, prenatal vitamins and progesterone pills on daily basis
– Planning to go on a short holiday to Kenya, we are still contemplating on going with or without J.

Week 7.5 – 8.5

– Had my second meeting with the Gynae and she did the second ultrasound scan to check my baby inside the amnion sac. Everything was fine *whew*
– The nausea feeling has somewhat subsided
– Still experienced tender (sore) breasts
– Took 2mg folic acid, prenatal vitamins and progesterone pills on daily basis
– Started showing a little bump in the lower part of my tummy, especially after meal
– Back at work but considering cancelling travel plans for my vacation to Kenya
– feeling somewhat emotional about my pregnancy, everyone at work knows I’m pregnant but I don’t feel like being asked about it. It feels like I’ll jinx my pregnancy if I talk about it. Actually, think I’m just being paranoid because of the bleeding.

Week 9.5 – 11

– Started feeling a lot better, vacay plans back on.

hands up for Kenya!! Absolutely beautiful!
hands up for Kenya!! Absolutely beautiful!

– Traveled to Kenya with my sister and J for (what was supposed to be a 10 days vacay) 7 days in a resort in Malindi. Absolutely blissful!!!!
– Fell ill and had to leave Kenya, couldn’t explore Nairobi as scheduled, but all the same we had an absolutely amazing time!!! The trip to Kenya deserves its own blog post!!!

 – Back from Kenya, traveled through Lagos for my brother’s wedding. Congratulations to Mikey and Uche  *newSisterAlert*
– Experienced heavy bleeding again in Lagos, and rushed to the ER once I got into Abuja on Sunday.
– My Gynae prescribed another 2 weeks bed rest, no work, and definitely no travel – (“she said angrily” lol)

Week 11 – 13

– 2 weeks break from work
– Nausea feeling is back but only at night
– Had terrible diarrhea and stomach discomforts
– Still took my 2mg folic acid pills and prenatal vitamins as usual
– Stopped taking progesterone pills (with my Gynae’s permission)as I think the pills make me nauseous.
– Opened some of the pregnancy books I read when I was pregnant with J
– Happy to be at the end of my first trimester so I can feel somewhat normal again.

Recap of the 1st Trimester:

Total weight gain: 7 lbs from the day we found out that I have a bun in the oven

Exercise: I started running again. Well, that’s a bit ambitious lol as I only went running a couple of times. I don’t know if I would be able to do this in my second trimester. So scrap that, I went running a few times, and it felt amazing.

Clothes: While my clothes still fit, I feel uncomfortable with anything that’s a bit on the snug side, which is pretty surprising to me because with J, my bump’s visibility was minimal to none even by the second trimester, but I guess my body isn’t what it was in 2014 lol. I was even told by a colleague of mine that she could, and I quote, “see your baby bump, ALREADY”!!! OH my… no comment.
Anyways, basically loose fitting clothes and fabrics – for comfort. It’s not that I’m trying to hide the bump, or maybe I am lol.

Food Cravings: Puff puff, maltina, anything super cold and icy, beans, a glass of wine, anything with pepper.

Aversions: The smell of lemons, eggs, chicken (but not chicken suya. That’s still good.)

Movement: None, but that’s going to be so awesome when it happens!

Emotions: nothing yet. Still pretty much feel “normal” in this respect.

What I miss: Fitting into all my clothes. Chicken.Feeling normal. Chicken. Waking up agile. Chicken.

What I’m looking forward to: Finding out the gender of the baby. Baby shopping (that’s always a delight), feeling the little baby move around, and of course the bigger bump – I just want to get out of this awkward phase where it looks more like I had wayyy too much buns, rather than having a bun in the oven.

Well – that’s it for now! Here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel and no more sickness next week!! Fingers crossed!

Love & Light,

Oby O.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Also yaaay! To the vacay in Kenya!!! Visit Nairobi soon. You’ll love it. It has the only national park within a city in the world!!!


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