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That one time in Monaco...

When I was “ young and free” all my time was “me time”; that was my life.

Now that I’m a parent, I don’t have that luxury. My son gets to do all the silly things while I have to make sensible decisions and worry about milestones, dirty diapers and vaccinations. J’s life has somehow become my own, especially as he is just a toddler.

From my perspective, as a working mom, I know a lot of other working moms feel guilty for being at work all week so we feel bad taking any me-time for ourselves on the weekend. It is however, important to learn how to maintain the mother-child bond, while also indulging the mother-woman balance.

So remember that becoming a mother didn’t change who you are. You are still a woman, maybe a wife too, someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, a lawyer perhaps (like me) and so much more!!! It’s OK to still love those things you used to love before you had a baby!! Its good for your psyche and it’s also good for your family to see you taking care of yourself.

Don’t get too carried away in making everything so perfect for everyone that you forget to love yourself. Let the clutter be sometimes and take care of yourself. You would add more value to your family being a happy mom, than if you are an exhausted anxious wreck. So perhaps appreciate and celebrate the fact that your family is happy and healthy.

Because how good are we to others if we are not good to ourselves.

Love & Light,

Mrs O.



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