Early Learning Centre Wooden Activity Cube



Personally, I love getting J educational toys and whilst The Hubs is big on getting him footballs, action figures and one time a toy gun (*side eye*) I edge towards getting educational toys, instruments, singing books, and so boringly on. lol

So I got J this Wooden Activity Cube from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) website; they have a fab range of educational toys and their sales are always irresistible.

The Activity Cube includes five different activities – a bead frame on the top and four sides with: a spinning learning frame, a clock with movable clock hands, a wipe-clean chalkboard, and a wooden xylophone.

peep the Wooden activity Cube at the  left bottom corner of the picture ;)
peep the Wooden activity Cube at the left bottom corner of the picture 😉


  • It’s a fun way to introduce your toddler to colours, shapes, numbers, also helps you teach your toddler the names of different objects, how to tell the time, and how to play a xylophone too.
  • Handling the bead maze helps promotes hand-to-eye coordination, and the number flip board side will get them thinking and counting.
  • It’s not too heavy; yet it’s designed to be perfectly sturdy.
  • They can also explore their creative side by using the chalkboard to write, scribble and sketch.
  • It’s a favorite for play dates as 2 or more kids can play with it at once.
  • When you need to put the cube away, you can lift up the bead maze as a panel and store it inside the cube to take up less space.
  • Brightly coloured to engage toddlers.


  • The movable hands of the clock, though not easy to pull off, but its not affixed on the toy, so an older toddler may successfully haul it off.

My overall review / How we use it:

J loves to play with his Activity Cube, all by himself, and he’s now able to recognize some numbers too!!! You can literally see the excitement in his eyes when he moves the bead maze around. Everyday he discovers more ways of playing with the cube; for instance he never used to play with the xylophone section until about a week ago.

IMG_9483 IMG_8391

Overall, I’m up for any toy that is not only entertaining but also challenges and develops children’s problem solving skills, so this activity Cube is totally perfect for my J!

What educational toys would you recommend too?

Love & Light,

Mrs O. 



  1. Nice one. I also recommend the leapfrog educational learning toys too. My little Cuz at 6 knows a lot of geography, started reading early with the leapfrog aid. You can check it out. Got the leap frog my pal for my son and he loves it.

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