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In this segment of Playsuits and Lawsuits, I would be providing an unsolicited / unsponsored review of baby products, especially interesting “finds” which were and are soooo helpful to me as a new, young, and super busy mom!!

Today I’ll share my review on the Beaba Babycook – Baby Food Maker.

The Beaba Babycook is one machine that does it all; it steam cooks, purees and reheats baby food. The Beaba is perfect for my ‘category’ of mom. I cook when I can. I bake when I get the chance but… mostly, I don’t have the time to clean up multiple utensils!

As we all know Homemade Baby food requires prep and coordination which requires a lot of tools and utensils. So when I started introducing J to solids I wanted a machine that wouldn’t require many cooking tools and utensils. After all my research I heard about the BEABA! Little to clean, nothing to get wrong. IT WAS PERFECT!

How to use:

You simply wash, skin and cut your fruits or veggies into chunks and place them in the steaming basket. Measure the water and pour it in. Put the basket together and select the steaming option. The steaming times is based on the amount of water you put in, which is measured based on what you’re cooking.

Once the steaming is done, you lift the basket out using a spatula (it’s included). You can pour the water out or save it to add back into the puree, depending on the consistency you’d like. Place the food into the main chamber and cover it, then select puree.

Carrot and avocado mash....yum!!! (6 months old)
Carrot and avocado mash….yum!!! (6 months old)

How I used it:

When J was transitioning to solids, I would puree our regular meals (made with very little spice) and feed it to him; that way his taste buds got used to our regular home food which now saves me the pressure of cooking him separate meals!

Also, you can freeze whatever is leftover in a freezer ziplock bag. Subsequently, you can defrost the extra in the refrigerator for a day, cut of the corner edge of the ziplock and pipe the food into the individual containers. Worked great!


  • Compact, all-in-one, easy to use, and allows me make my baby’s food quickly.
  • Easy to assembly and wash.
  • It also comes with some recipes to get you started.
  • This product is BPA free unlike some food processor bowls.
  • It seems to steam-cook things really fast.
  • You can adjust the consistency to your baby’s taste as he grows.


  • My complaints are few, but I think the gadget would do better with another spatula.
  • The instructions were also a bit light for me when I got started but I figured it out fairly easily once I got going.
  • When you’re steaming food to warm it up, you’re supposed to put a container into the steam basket. The problem is that the container gets too hot to take out immediately.
  • It’s not a huge capacity, so if you have twins, you may not have any leftovers after one session.
  • There is this little hole that the lid clicks into. That hole leads to the water chamber. Be careful not to tip the machine over as the hot water could pour out on you.

A friend of mine who also has the Beaba Baby Food Maker complained about seeing brown or black residue. I explained to her that this was because some of the food was getting into the reservoir. So I showed her how to use it; you must use the plastic lid when blending to avoid the food getting into the reservoir.

My overall review

The Beaba Babycook is a very handy gadget for moms who wants to make their own baby food but not sure where to start and also perfect for moms who already know what they’re doing and just want it done quickly — like me!!! lol

It may be a bit pricey but worth it in the end.

Love & Light,

Mrs O.



  1. Hey Oby,
    Thanks for the tip on the Baby Cook. Can you please share some baby solid food recipes on here as well. Jay is sooo healthy and I will like to know what kind of food receipe you use for him. I have a friend whose baby is 16months as well and she’s in a dilemma as to what to feed him with cos he doesn’t eat anything. Its really difficult to get him to eat.
    Thanks and wishing you all the best. You inspire!

    • Hey Shalom! i’m working on introducing a segment that suggests quick easy recipes based on how i weaned J into solids. I hope you get to see it when it’s up x

  2. Pls let me have ideas of food for toddlers that can make them interested in eating. My 2yrs old daughter does not like eating except biscuits. I have to force her to eat and this gets me worried.

    • Hello hun! I’ll do a post on J’s eating habits and his meal plan, i hope it helps.

      You should subscribe to the blog so you’ll get notified when there’s a new post. x


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