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Okay, so I’m definitely not a “baby expert” but I must say that I have lots of baby gear / baby products and I have had ample time to try a lot of them out. So for all my preggo mamas who are “nesting”, I hope this post helps you realise what baby products / baby gear you could probably do without.

Oh but side bar, ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT. I know! Shocking. Since I’ve had J, I’m secretly a little baffled by people who swear Pampers are better than Huggies, or said they never used their bottle warmers. What are they TALKING about? How did Pampers not leak all over the place for you? How were they using the bottle in a bowl of warm to heat up the milk? How long did that take?

But I get it. The babies. They like different things. Different things work for each of them.
Anyway, subsequently I’m going to offer you my well thought out list of the most useful things we’ve used from J’s birth till date. But for now these are the 18 LEAST useful baby products to us. Many of which are probably absolutely essential to someone else’s baby. So this may be a very futile exercise, lol, but I hope it helps someone.

1. Expensive Outfits: I really should have listened to everyone on this lol I don’t regret it, but J could have done without the designer baby clothes. Expensive outfits could be left to the relatives and friends to buy: our mother’s on both sides did a great job buying J loads of expensive clothes, shoes and stuff. But on our own budget, we shouldn’t have bothered buying (a lot of) expensive / designer baby clothes especially because a baby’s initial couple of months apparently consists largely of feeding, sleeping, and being held. From a clothing standpoint, this translates to one thing – no one sees the outfit, so comfort is key. Say hello to hand-me-downs for next baby. LOL.

2. New born size clothes and diapers: Again, I should have listened. A perfect fit isn’t really so important, especially in these early months. Overalls that are too small would cramp baby’s toes, but you can use ones that are a little bit big, so go for 0-3 months rather than new-born size. Also don’t stockpile small disposable diapers – you will soon need to go up a size. J was born at 9Lbs 12oz and could barely fit into new-born sizes, in fact he was in 6 months clothing at 3 months old.

wipes warmer

3. Wipe-Warmers (and it’s sister The Travel Wipe Warmer): I remember the day I made this purchase (Wipe Warmer), my sister laughed so hard. She thought it was the most useless product ever designed to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. But I got it anyway. Let’s just blame pregnancy hormones lol. I mean I understand if mommas who live in countries with cooler temperatures need this, perhaps, but for me I realised that the wipe loses its temperature so quickly when it reaches his bum if it’s is not just inches away from the wipes warmer.

Honestly, babies don’t need warm wipes. I swear. They don’t. And someday when you are struggling in an airport bathroom that doesn’t have a changing table (*sideeye* I love my country but boy-oh-boy) and you are using your standard room temperature wipes, this will all become clear.

random picture snagged from google (ours in deep in storage)

4. Bath Stand: *sigh* the problem with this is that you have to lift a heavy bath full of water on and off the stand. Turns out it is less effort popping a squat or kneeling bath-side. Packed this up few months after.

5. Bath Thermometer: Just use your hand to check the temperature of the water. I probably used this 3 times, and I felt sillier each subsequent time lol.

baby bath robe

6. Baby Bath Robe: You know those cute little robes that usually have cute hoodies and you tie around their waist? You. Will. Never. Use. These. Maybe once or twice for an instagram worthy photo but never again. It probably won’t be of actual use to you, because you probably wouldn’t leave your infant / toddler lying / wandering around in a bath robe like little Prince George (with all due respect lol)

prince george in cute bath robe
hey Prince George 🙂

7. Baby Perfume: *sigh* Yes this really exists. *sideeye*

8. A truck load of Toys: So despite what you think, toys are redundant in the first few months and your baby will be ‘stimulated’ by life. Too many over-complicated toys may become a distraction to learning rather than an aid.
I do love me some good old educational toys but frankly what J (and a lot of other kids) really love are everyday objects; anything that isn’t an official play thing – keys, mobile phones, remote controls, ice cube trays, wooden spoons. Baby toy manufacturers often market their products as educational, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying them. I think it’s best to conduct some research on what educational toys may be beneficial to your baby’s development.

crib mobile

9. A crib Mobile: I admit – it did look pretty cool hanging there over his cute crib but for J the crib mobile turned out to be more stimulating than soothing, which meant that it had the adverse effect of keeping J awake rather than soothing him to bed. Also, after a few months, once your munchkin can sit up it’s advisable to remove it – for safety reasons.

10. Crib-Side Music Box/Light Show: Fair enough we got this as a gift, so it wasn’t as agonising to pack it up after a few weeks. Like the crib mobile, this turned out to be more stimulating than soothing.

11. Moses Basket/Bassinet: This was so cute, but J had outgrown his bassinet by the time he was about 3 / 4 months old. Big baby. I’ll pull it out when we have another baby.

picture of warm mist humidifier

12. Warm Mist Humidifiers: Used it once when J had a stuffy nose, didn’t bother again. Plus now I hear these could be a fire hazard and they encourage bacteria / mould to grow in the warm, wet environment they create (please carry out adequate research).

baby-on-board sign

13. Baby on Board Sign: I still can’t fathom why I got this. Perhaps to smugly advertise my fertility. I mean, “look at me, I have a baby….he may not be on board at the moment since I’m on my way to work but I do have a baby so don’t hit my car” lol.

14. Newborn Size Baby Bottles: Too small within weeks. Please refer to number 2 above.

15. Formula Powder Dispenser: There is probably no need to purchase a specially designed powder dispenser. You can just as easily measure out formula into a sterilised, small, plastic, sealed container or your baby’s (dry) bottle to save up space in the diaper bag.

door bouncer

16. Door Bouncer: You may be tempted to purchase a baby doorway bouncer. Don’t. I was, and we got one. It turns out the (US) Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists discourages the use of the door bouncer because they encourage babies to bounce on their tiptoes and arch their back unnaturally. Big Oops.

17. Pacifier wipes: Your baby will drop his or her pacifier, a lot!!!!! As a new mom I stashed on pacifier wipes so I would never run out. Well, I never did but as J got older, it got more difficult to control where he put and what he did with his pacifier; so using the pacifier wipes sort of became pointless. Anyway, after a few months of using a pacifier he got bored of it, so I’m stuck with all that pacifier wipes. Lol.

18. Stuffed animals: Oh my gosh, these will multiply! Everyone would buy you stuffed animals and you know what, they don’t do all that much except clutter up your home. We’ve ended up with a million of them, and worst of all, it just serves decorative purposes. Maybe my story would be different if I had a baby girl lol.

So what did I forget? Please tell me if there is a really useless baby item I missed. What’s your top pick for the most pointless infant / baby product / gear?

P.S: I apologise for being unavoidably absent for so long guys! I got ALL your e-mails and I’m still coming around to responding to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I appreciate your concern and I missed being here too.

Love & Light,

Mrs O.



  1. so true.. I had to give out all the newborn outfits he never wore and now at 4months, hes wearing 6mo clothes, all the designer footwears dont fit again.. i’ve stopped using the wipe warmer and the baby on board sign has been sitting pretty in his diaper bag for months.

    • Aawwww thanks dear, I’m very flattered 🙂

      I do love writing, and I wish I could write as much as I would love to but it does require a lot of time; which i’m still juggling with, lol.

  2. So agree with the newborn sizes, learnt my lesson the hard way. But the crib mobile was good for my baby. Thankfully I didn’t boy most of the other things on the list. My formula powder dispensers are a lifesaver. You are right, babies are different. Lol. My baby hated her bassinet, could as well have kept her on the bed beside me. Wish I read this earlier, sadly my warm mist humidifier is paid for and on its way to me…*sigh*.

    • Lucky you mama! J would stare at the crib mobile endlessly and not fall asleep! lol

      I hope the warm mist humidifier is useful to your little bubba, and you can use it in the safest and healthiest way possible.

      aahhhhh and yes, I learnt my “new born sizes lesson” the hard way too! never again lol

  3. Lovely post, and will come in real handy for to-be moms like us!
    Thanks a lot.
    It will really help also if you can do a post on the most essential basic baby items, esp as new moms who won’t be travelling out of the country for baby shopping and all.
    It will help a great deal to guide accordingly; this change era is teaching us all how to be very prudent!😋😁
    Thanks again, lovely post!

  4. Baby Clothes — I agree with a lot of these especially the expensive outfits and the newborn sized clothing. My little girl, even tough she was born 6lbs 6oz at full term, had a serious growth spurt in those early weeks and was in 6 month clothing at 3 months.
    Wipe Warmer — I do however disagree with the wipes warmer bit – we’ve used this from day one and continue to use it 7 months later. It’s quite possible we can do without it because she’s fine when we are away from home and use regular room temperature wipes but since I have it, I’ll keep using it.
    Pacifiers — I will also add pacifiers to that list. Do not stock up on those ahead of time. We received so many pacifiers and she refused to take a pacifier.
    Diapers — we had no luck with Huggies in the beginning. I think it was probably because we had a small baby. Pampers and the Honest Brand diapers were our go to. The huggies leaked everywhere because they are cut too big. We still don’t use Huggies because I’m used to the other two.
    Boppy Pillow — I wish there was some other use for this. We used it for maybe a month and now its just taking up space because we have no use for it. Any ideas??

    • Absolutely!!! Pacifiers!!! how did I miss that lol! and the Honest Brand diapers are great but almost impossible to get in Abuja, Nigeria 🙁 We enjoyed it while the stock lasted lol

      I loved my boppy pillow hahaha I used it for nursing but most times I used it to prop J up for cute pictures lmaooo I don’t think I ever used it after like 3 months lol

      oh well!! x

  5. It’s not a futile effort trust me. To be honest new mums will never listen and will still go on to buy useless things. I did the same.
    I bought a bassinet that my little one used for only ONE week! That really upset me to be honest.
    Another item is the insert of a baby carrier ( ergo baby in my case). The item can only be used for the first 3-4 months and those are the months that you go out the least and a stroller is better at that stage anyway, complete waste.
    My baby was a summer baby so all her onesies was not worn because it was really hot and she cried and stayed awake whenever she had them on.
    By the way, how did your huggies not leak? I got them as gifts and I have boxes in my house I didn’t bother to open. Pampers was good.

    Thank you for sharing, I hope this write up helps someone.

    • Absolutely! WE NEVER LISTEN. MY MOTHER ADVISED ME ENDLESSLY!!! She still has a laugh about it. It’s all that excitement of being a new mom *sigh*

      OMG I’ll be livid if I had to pack up a bassinet after one week *gasps*

      Oh and I think the huggies worked because J was a chunky lil guy, I guess huggies are cut bigger than Pampers.

      thanks for your comment Mama x

  6. Good one,this write up has really helped me, pls I will really appreciate a list of essential needs for new born babies because I’m a to be mum and will go baby shopping soon. Thanks Oby,so good to have you back
    Pls I’m contemplating between aveeno and chicco body products ,which is better pls…..

    • Glad it helped!! that’s the idea lol and I’m glad to be back dear.

      I’m working on that post and it should be up soon, you should subscribe tot he blog so you’ll get alerts when there’s a new post up!!

      Personally, I love Aveeno. I started with Johnson’s Baby products but switched to Aveeno when J had this terrible rash and Aveeno has been great. Now that he’s a bit older I’m thinking of switching back to Johnson’s because it’s a lot easier to find in Nigeria, and more pocket friendly than Aveeno lol

      I would say you shouldn’t stock up on baby body products though, you never really know what would work until you try it.


    • Me too!!! those baby mitts didn’t just make sense for naij weather biko looool I just packed them up nicely.

      Glad you liked the post, checking out your blog now 🙂


  7. Hi Guys….very nice post Mrs O. Let me start by saying for all your unused baby items or used items which are still in very good condition, be it clothing or toys , we have an event coming up in November where these items can be sold to those who really need them or those who cannot afford to buy the new items. Please send an email to vjeonconcepts@gmail.com for more details k or to indicate interest in participating.
    Items for me that I thought was a waste of time were the baby cot/crib (graco), my son slept on my bed the whole time until I got the small cute baby beds that can be placed right beside your bed. The second item was the sterilising unit. On the go it just wasted time and with the power situation in Nigeria it was an issue. So I just soaked the bottles in hot water and I was good to go.

    • Hey Jennifer. Thank you for the very thoughtful initiative. I donate our (fairly) used items to my church but I sure hope someone here indicates interest. I’ll direct anyone else I know who has fairly used items too.


  8. Nice one.
    The struggle not to buy is real. If I could lay my hands your stash of soft toys and clothes…. lol
    Strollers are not useful in many part of Nigeria.
    Baby cot- my baby ended up sleeping with me.
    Baby monitor- I could hear the baby cry no matter the part of the house I happen to be in.
    That’s what I can think of for now.

    • Loool @ hearing your bubba cry from any part of the house.

      My stroller is actually one of my best buys, very affordable and has been through thick and thin with us for travels. But interestingly, we’ve only used it for travel purposes, it’s very difficult to use in Naij.

      Those soft toys are just cute, that’s all, just cute lol!!

      Thanks for the comment Mama x

  9. Great list & I agree with nearly the whole list. I also got a lot of stuff i hardly used for baby. I guess excitement and all. The ‘baby on board’ car sign I hear is good in case of emergency, the give police/ambulance an indication that there is a vulnerable little person on board who will need them to act very quickly.
    All the same a good & light read. I’ve will defo be subscribing

  10. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest authoring a blog post or vice-versa? My website covers a lot of the same subjects as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. If you might be interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Terrific blog by the way!

  11. Lol. I can relate to it. My baby boy turns 7weeks today but his outfits 0-3months ain’t his size anymore. Thankful I got just a few. We now rock 3-6months at 7weeks OMG. 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Lolz. I can relate to it. My baby boy turns 7weeks today but uses 3-6months outfits. 0-3months doesn’t fit again. Thankful I didn’t purchase too many of it. Rocking 3-6months at 7weeks. OMG.😂😂😂

  13. Wooo……. this was so helpful for soon to be moms like us. I hope i dont make same mistakes of buying items i wont use!!
    Oby i love the way you take out time to reply to most comments.
    You actually inspired me to finally start my own blog(memoirsandtales.blogspot.com) I sent you a mail and you really took out time to respond with some helpful tips. Thanks alot sweetheart
    keep it up girl…..loving your blog all the more

  14. Lol, late to the party but this is soo relatable being a first time mom..

    A lot of the stuff there speaks to me..

    The crib mobile especially, my baby can’t be bothered!

    Nice article..

    • hahaha it’s never to late to join the “PAL”FAMILY 🙂

      YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!!! you should subscribe to the blog, alot of interesting posts coming up soon!


  15. This post made me laugh so much. Especially the bath thermometer part. Nne just use your hand 😂😂😂😂
    New mum’s will not listen tho. Lol. Great work Oby!


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