12 things I wish I knew before that elective C- Section…

....and every momma should know!

it's a boy :)

If you follow the blog, you know I had my first son J by vaginal birth (read here – a letter to my pregnant self) even though he weighed a whooping 9 lbs 12 oz. Logically, I expected I was also going to have my second baby vaginally – especially since he weighed 5 oz less than J – at 9 lbs 7 oz (huge difference lol) but boy was I in for a surprise.

I wound up in the hospital on the 29th of November, 2016 at 42 weeks because I was experiencing non-progressive labor. My hospital bag was packed with the requisite Sitz Bath, Epsom salt, sitz spray, belly bandit, hot water bottle and of course the biggest maxi pads money can buy lol. Basically, I was prepared for anything BUT a C-section.

checking in on 29/11/2016
checking in on 29/11/2016

I spent 2 days at the hospital (the 29th and the 30th) trying to dilate and efface naturally (without pitocin, and subsequently with pitocin) because I was looking forward to birthing vaginally. Then we did a scan and found out my baby now weighed 9 lbs 7 oz; naturally, there were concerns about baby’s weight vs. my past birthing history with shoulder dystocia and some question as to whether or not my body would be able to fully dilate; basically the possibility of needing an emergency c-section was relatively high.

mommy crashing out with me at the hospital
mom crashing out with me at the hospital #MyRock

After those 2 exhaustive days of going through about 4 mid wives (desperately convincing us to opt for an elective C-Section), I caved in. I didn’t want to risk going through labor and then ending up in an emergency situation; so, largely based on my midwife’s advice, I opted for an elective C-Section. At the time, I was blind to the possibility of a cesarean so I was clueless about the little details and procedures about a C-Section surgery.

Personally, I believe that certain things in life are better experienced than explained but in like manner, I believe in some other circumstances (like embarking on an operation like a C-section) knowledge of a situation can give you a sense of control. I wish I had known what to expect with having a c-section, which is why I’m paying it forward by dropping these few tips.

So in an attempt to be the Friend Who Gives You Unsolicited but Useful Advice, here are 12 things you need to know if you plan on having a C-section:

1. A C-Section is NOT an “easy way out”

I think most women would agree that when it comes to safely delivering a baby, there is no easy way. So it’s quite surprising that there’ s a bunch of people out there who believe that a C-Section is somehow an “easy way out”.

People would freely make comments (which they assumed were somehow complimentary) like “at least you’re lucky you skipped full blown labour”, huh??? More like I’m lucky I didn’t bleed to death on an operating table, OR “at least you didn’t suffer the pain of tearing ‘down there” – which I can’t say I’m unhappy about, but it’s definitely been replaced by alternative discomforts!

That you don’t have to push during a c-section to bring the baby into the world is true. However, what new c-section mothers learn very soon is that the pain they didn’t experience during birth is dragged out over weeks (or worse case) even months in their recovery.

In retrospect, when I weigh the emotional and physical stress I went through before a c-section was even suggested as an option, it makes my previous vaginal birth (with its epidural) seem like a walk in the park.

2. On the bright side, it Is Over Faster Than You Can Imagine

1 day PP
1 day PP (Post Partum)

From the time your doctor actually starts operating, to the time your baby is out and on your bare chest, it basically feels like ten minutes (or less). Maybe it took a little more time than that but it’s over faster than you can imagine!! It’s simply AMAZING!!!

This could feel a bit unusualespecially if (with a previous birth) you had to labor through a vaginal birth for 4 hours before meeting your LO lol! More so, I had painted a mental picture of what birthing my second child would be, so it did feel a bit odd. But I was lucky my OB/GYN allowed me do the skin-to-skin bonding with baby for a few seconds (maybe a minute) before whisking him away.

Honestly, a C-section is a very surgical experience – in contrast with vaginal childbirth which i think (from my experience) is more intimate; but on the bright side, you get to meet your LO really quickly LOL.

3. It could get a bit lonely after They Take The Baby Out

I’m sure this policy may differ with hospitals all over the world, but at the hospital I delivered – once baby was out and after he was placed on my bare chest, my LO (with my mom in tow – I guess we know where her loyalty lies lol) was whisked off to the ICU and I was left alone to get sewn back up.

After about 40 minutes of being there alone, I was anxious to see my newborn and ready to be out of surgery. I kept asking my OB/GYN if everything was okay as the stitching part seemed to be taking long, once he replied something in the line of “Almost done, just want to make sure I get this right – just like you asked,” I remember thinking “huhn?? Damn straight you better get that stitch right!”

Fortunately, he did and I ended up with the tiniest least visible scar ever, but at the time I wouldn’t have been so nervous / lonely if I had known that while the part of the surgery involving getting the baby out was short, the part where they stitched me back up would take a lot longer…like A LOT!

4. You will need a LOT of pain killers:

Until the effects of the epidural wore off, I had no idea what the pain of recovering from a C-section would involve.

No blog post, no words could ever describe the pain. I still don’t know which was worse – the pain post surgery or just the shock of realizing the level of pain I was passing through – masked under all that epidural and fancy pain meds they give to you at the hospital.

I wept. Profusely.

I thought I was going to pass out in pain. My cousin rushed out to the nearest Rite Aid with my Dr’s prescription and got me the Percocet and the Ibrupofen. Never ever ever ever in my life have I been so thankful for meds!!!
To be fair, I could have handled this better if I was mentally prepared and if I knew that there would be a lot of pain coming after the epidural wore off. Consequent on that, I would have adhered to my Dr’s orders, stopped by the Pharmacy on the way home and picked up the prescribed pain meds.

5. You have layers of stitches….but your scar could be barely noticeable:

Around 8 days post-partum, I went to my OB/GYN’s office because I just didn’t feel right – I still felt so much pain in parts of my body I didn’t even know could hurt. I guess I was expecting to recover as quickly as I had when I had a vaginal birth.

The mid wife I met was kind enough to explain to me that contrary to the idea that a c-section involves one horizontal cut, in reality you’re actually cut and stitched up layer-by-layer. There is skin, tissue, and muscle before you even get to the uterus – this could be as many as 6 / 7 stitches.

Good news is – your slit could be cut so low that nobody but God and your husband will ever see it. Sometimes I look at CJ’s enormous head and look down at my tiny scar and back again, wondering “logistically how the hell did he pass through that!!”

So even though a CS pretty much involves been taken apart, your OB/GYN would put you back together again – and he / she would get it all right 🙂

6. Nothing is worse than laughing those few days after a C-Section:

….except coughing!!! In fact, any activity that involves engaging your abdominal muscles is quite painful for a good few days / weeks. Imagine my horror when I choked and coughed (VERY HARD) on that dessert cake they served with dinner 2 days PP at the hospital. It was indescribably painful; like a near death experience.

I cried. Yet again.

Apparently, there’s a trick where you hold a pillow against your abdomen when sneezing, coughing, or laughing, so it hurts less. But once again, I just had no idea.

7. Emotional support is crucial:

I think any woman who goes through child birth, by any means, deserves emotional support.

Few hours post surgery - the power of makeUp and Snapchat Filters lol
Few hours post surgery – the power of makeUp and Snapchat Filters lol

I was lucky to recover fairly quickly and accept the surgical birth as a necessary step to a having a healthy baby and to becoming a mother to another precious LO.

But, and this is a big BUT, I felt a bit disassociated from the experience – maybe this was because of all the drugs and pain meds (or something) but that’t the best way i can explain how I felt after the procedure was done; like I wasn’t a part of birthing my baby. I remember I also felt that the surgery could have been avoided; that it was somehow enforced on me and no one listened to my desire to have a vaginal birth.

Luckily, I recognized pretty quickly that what was I was feeling/thinking was largely due to the fact that I had ideas about how my birth plan would go and considering I had birthed my first son vaginally; this just felt different. Not bad. But, different.

The best thing my mom and The Hubs did for me was listen, validate my feelings and constantly remind me that those feelings would pass. And it did.

Women’s emotional reactions and adjustment to cesarean birth could vary widely, so get a good support network around you, you will be ok…..eventually!

8. You will be required to stand up few hours after the C-Section

As soon as the numbness wears off (which could be in a few hours after the surgery) the nurses will want you to get up and walk as much as possible. In my case, I thought I was ready to conquer the world, but in reality, I didn’t even have the strength to stand up – but I did stand up, and take a few steps even – wooziness and all!

Keep in mind that this may be peculiar to me, and other women may be able to stand up and walk just fine after their surgery.

9. Getting out of bed for the first time may hurt more than any labor pains you experienced.

I guess this is why there is an erroneous myth that “ ALL C-section mothers” don’t breastfeed. Total bat-sh*t.

i was a milk factory lol
i was a milk factory lol

You can breastfeed after a C-Section if you feel strong enough to do so and are able to produce milk. However, it may take a longer time for your milk to “come in” since your body was jarred from surgery.

Honestly, it was pretty painful to sit up, or put my feet down on the floor, and I did have concerns about breastfeeding my child while on all those pain killers BUT my LO’s pediatrician and my OB/GYN confirmed that my bubba was going to be fine and I could breastfeed so long as I was strong enough to.

It’s a bit tricky to breastfeed with the pain, especially after you leave the hospital, but you could experiment with rolling onto one side, using pillows or asking someone to lend a hand when you need to get out of bed.

10. You still experience post-partum bleeding:

I know, how ridiculously unfair that despite not giving birth vaginally, I was surprised to find that I still experienced major post-partum vaginal bleeding for 6 weeks. I had thought that a c-section meant none of those ugly extra, extra large pads and granny panties for me.

Speaking of granny panties, because of the incision site, you will need to wear underwear that doesn’t rub against your scar. Your best bet are those mesh panties gifted to you by the hospital. How sexy, right?

11. Google C-Shelf. Actually save yourself the trauma, don’t.

Lord! The first time I looked at my tummy after my c-section, I cried. Again.

What I saw was straight up wrong lol.
From a side view it looked like my belly was sloping down towards some allusive, concave swollen skin area. No jokes, my tummy looked like it was literally pouting at me.

4 weeks PP
4 weeks PP – c-SHELF GONE!

Fortunately, my c-shelf went away a few weeks after my surgery, even though it had earlier looked like it was there for good.

12. That Scar Can Take More Than Six Weeks To Heal

My external scar area healed in about 6 weeks but I remember my scar always feeling itchy and the insides feeling a bit sore way past the six week mark. In fact, if I’m being honest, it was more like 12 weeks before I didn’t feel anything in my scar area.

The thing is, a c-section affects tissues that go deep into the body, and so, while the external scar area can look relatively “normal,” the internal healing process can take a while.

While I understand that my experiences may be peculiar to me, there is also a possibility that other women may go through similar events. So I hope this list will help other women who are not sure what to expect with a planned Cesarean section.

Finally, I want to say something that my mother kept telling me (she had also had a c-section many years ago lol): you will feel better after your C-Section, one day, you WILL feel better. You ARE a birth warrior; it takes a tremendous amount of strength, determination, and courage to go through something so selfless on that side of the surgical curtain, for the gift of life.

A C-section is not an easy way out.

*vIRTUALhIGHfIVES* to my fellow C-section mamas!! what did i miss? what else do you think a mom-to-be considering a C-Section should know? if you’ve never had a C-section, what’s your biggest concern / fear about CS or the biggest myth you’ve heard?

P.S: It’s been too long this self proclaimed, half-assed blogger posted anything. Apologies. Show of hands if you’ve missed the blog 🙂

Love & Light,



  1. OMG…. 😍😂😅🤔

    • omg hun! this post isn’t meant to scare you lol rather i hope it encourages you that no matter the pain you go through; child birth is a beautiful thing 🙂 plussssss on the bright side ALOT of women have amazing birth stories! so *fingerscrossed*

  2. Wow. I felt I was reading my birth story while reading this post. Almost everything you experienced happened to me. I birthed Twin Boys. My Obgyn scheduled me for induction but a day to the induction date, both babies were breech. My Obgyn said the only way out was a scheduled c-section. My operation was very fast, the whole process plus stitching lasted abt 30 mins. The second day after the epidural wore out at midnight, I woke up with a very sharp pain, I thought I was going to die from that pain. I quickly dialled the number of my nurse and she came running with percoset. I still laugh at the sight of that granny panties I wore at the hospital and at home while recovering. It was also as if my tummy was pouting too,lol. My scar is also very tiny and not visible except you look hard. But I am very thankful that I went through c-section to birth 2 very healthy and adorable boys. I would do it over again if the need arises.

    • absolutely hun! I’m so proud of my “battle scar” and my precious litltle Love Bug was sooo worth every single stitch. Thank God for your safe deliveries too!

  3. Oby, you took this topic home!!
    Mine was an emergency C- section, I went in for an induction and came out with a C- section. My only concern was just to see my baby, who was in distress few hours after the induction, I just wanted my baby out and I didn’t care how they did it. Nobody knew I was a doctor till my husband casually mentioned it in the theatre, they were surprised at how calm I had been then I told the doctor as a colleague, she had better give me the best cosmetic stitch she has ever given to anyone.
    About the pain meds…don’t ever miss a dose, try as much as possible to take it at the exact time when due.

    • LOL @ went in for an induction and came out with a C-section. girrlllll, tell me about it lol. Same experience lol Lucky you knew what to expect being a Dr *fistbump* (I’m such a fan of female dr’s lol)
      P.S: I’ve definitely learnt my lessons about neglecting the pain meds!

  4. Hmmm, im really happy about your post, I had a C section ago, still healing. Everything you stated here happend to me, I wasnt ready for it, but that was the best option at that moment as stated by my Doctor. Il just lik to make morr emphasis on the pain aspect, omg, having to turn right or left on. The bed was the worse pain of my life, the first time iwas going to stand up, I almost collapsed, had to return to the bed, I would beg the nurse every now and then to inject me with pain killers, it was just too much for me.

  5. Hi, I had an emergency c section too 28th December, my baby was 36 weeks old but They had to take her out because my blood pressure was too high I was at the point of convulsion or having seizures. You have pretty much said it all, by just to add that here in Naija, you need blood on stand by which you have to provide yourself. And also get good support, I remember one woman saying don’t worry maybe the next one you will experience labor, and my Aunty gave it to her real good. Through it all remind yourself that you have your bundle on joy healthy and safe, many women are praying just to know what pregnancy feels like, so be grateful you experienced it and came out okay, it doesn’t matter how you gave birth. Warm hugs to all mothers and best wishes to all those trying.

    • imagine that! lol! i probably would have given it to her good too!!!! lol Thank God for your safe delivery fellow ‘birth warrior” *virtualHighFive* lol #againstAllOdds

  6. Hi Oby, congratulations on the safe delivery of your son. And big well done Mama.

    This is a very insightful list. Having just delivered my second child almost 3 weeks ago, I can relate. Whilst I didn’t have a section with either child, I learnt that the birth plan can and does change. My attitude to delivery was “by any means necessary” so if a section was required then I accepted it. All mothers, no matter the method of delivery are amazing. Thanks for sharing and busting myths around C-Sections.


    • heyyyyy Yinka 🙂 congratulations again on the birth of Demilade!!! Thank you for dropping by mama, feel free to drop a link to your blog here 🙂 so we can all stalk you on there too lol *hugs*

  7. I have two kids both by elective Caesarean birth. The
    first in England and the second in the US. Two entirely different experiences. After birth in Uk, i was up and about 40mims later, I didn’t feel the pain. The Obstetrician ensured I was comfortable, so i can say it was a walk In the park. In America i died from pain, OMG I wasn’t ready for that, percocet and IB meds didn’t work for me.
    I don’t like to judge people and breast feeding or not. When I had my son he was taken to ICU and was there for a month plus. The breast milk DIDNOT come out, like nothing. People fail to realize that you have to be emotionally stable to breastfeed. I just gave birth to a baby with neurological issues that wasn’t seen until delivery, that milk was the last thing on my mind the first 72hours. They didn’t even think he will survive that long. When I think back I didn’t even get engorged. When I had my second baby within hours my breasts were full, nobody told me I needed to breastfeed.

  8. I cringed through this! Lorddd!!!!!
    C-Sections are REALLY not easy!!!!
    This whole birthing business scares the socks off me but I guess I’ll have to man up sometime.
    Glad you and yours are great. Plus, your Post pregnancy body is lit!

    • P.S: you shouldn’t be scared of birthing, a lot of women have amazing seamless child birthing experiences. just pray for the best and always keep an open mind.


  9. Very insightful, although sometimes, the society makes you feel having a C-section means ur not a “strong woman”. I’ve always believed in a health baby and mommy!!!

  10. Great post about C-section. You pretty much got everything right. I went through the same experience you had x2 and with 2 kids under 2 so close together. Tip for my c-section mamas, get as much help as you need during and post partum. Take the time to realize, your body went through a huge ordeal so you need time to heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Any tips on losing that midsection weight?

    • well done mama #twoUnder2!!

      You are absolutely right, c-section recovery requires mental, physical and emotional healing.

      thanks for stopping by hun x

  11. I can only imagine because i have gone through it twice..mehn!!!!it is not an easy experience but watching your bundle of Joy?itz worth it.#proudCSmommas

  12. We missed the blog, glad that you’re back to writing.

    I completely relate to this write up cos I gave birth to a set of twins via CS and I think all delivery should be applauded. I remember when friends came visiting and when I say delivery is via CS, they look at me with eyes literally screaming with “You had it easy!!!!”
    Even though delivery is via CS is fast, the healing process is soooooo slow, tiring and painful.
    Congrats again Oby. Expecting more writeup on your blog.

    • I know right. people are so quick to assume you ” had it easy” with a c-section *sigh*
      Thank hun! Glad to be back. So many more exciting posts coming up on the blog, the break was well worth it!


    • hey Lara! Glad you liked it, and learnt something. You should subscribe to the blog so you’ll get notified on new updates….. so many exciting posts coming up within the next few weeks 🙂


  13. Thanks for this much-needed encouragement!
    I was a ftm, had an emergency cs after over 12 hours of labour-was induced at 37w3d dur to increasing bp. My baby’s head didn’t drop from the cervix after over 6hours of intense contractions-i had dilated to 8cm.
    I thot i had failed myself and my baby, incurred more bills for my hubs, it felt like i had really failed everyone! my mil actually said she thinks i’m too scared and so couldn’t actually push the baby out! I became ashamed to say i had my baby via cs. I was angry at my doctor, i felt he didn’t do his best to ensure i had a vd.
    My baby was 5months yday. How can i not be grateful?!! He’s the happiest thing that has ever happened to me after my husband!
    Now i look at my scar and stretch marks and i’m amazed at how this bundle of joy came to be thru me!
    Thanks again for sharing, it is lovely to know that we not alone, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • It’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s terrible you had to feel that way. I too was upset at my Dr’s but look at what we made right?
      Thankful for a healthy happy baby, and for yours too! #birthWarrior


  14. I came out of surgery, saw my baby and couldn’t hold him, i couldn’t even lift my hands- another round of cries!
    i couldn’t stand up from the bed until after 24hrs! the pain was worse than the labour pain sef!
    I was still having contractions almost 18hrs after the surgery after all the anaesthetics had worn off. The post-bleeding nko, almost 7 weeks. my knees, shoulders, thighs and some other parts ached for several days afterwards! Thank God i have a tiny scar, and a neat stitch!

  15. Been looking forward to your blog post oby!
    secondly, i am 34 weeks pg and tbh i’ve been considering an elective cs, i am not too posh to push, just too scared of labour pains and episiotomy and everything else i’ve heard about labour.More so because of my small body!But after reading this post, whelp! I am not sure about the cs anymore.I can only pray for the grace to endure whatever i end up going through eventually.Jesus take the wheel 🙌.

    Happy 6 months to CJ!

    Love from Kenya!

    • Jambo!! hahaha i remember using that phrase a lot in Kenya. absolutely looved my vacay there 🙂
      P.S: don’t be scared of labor, the body is made to do this.you can absolutely birth your child in a seamless way – by whichever means you and your doctors choose.
      I wish you a safe easy delivery, a healthy baby and a quick recovery.
      Bless x

  16. Welcome back I missed your blogs immensely. And remember a birth is a birth and a blessing however way it comes as long as the ultimate goal is achieved a healthy happy and safe mother and child.

    • Absolutely hun! thanks for the encouragement. Glad you stopped by 🙂

      Hope you are subscribed to the blog? if not, you absolutely should hun… so many exciting new posts coming up.

  17. I had an emergency C-section for my first pregnancy because I stopped dilating at 9cm. After going through more than 12 hours of labour I still ended up on the operating table. By the time I was done, I had turned black ( and I mean it literally because I’m light skinned).
    Anyway I’ve had 2 C-sections after that and I agree with you about the pain of recovery. It’s way worse than the labour pain in my opinion.
    To add to your list for new moms, wearing an abdominal binder immediately after surgery helps a lot with the pain and support.
    And it also helps you get back to shape quicker 😁.

  18. Wow! Cried while reading this. Had my first baby
    C’s, I remember the pains, heavy bleeding, tones of pain Keller pains and of course bucket of cries I did. I didn’t want any c’s, but my baby was having low o2, and my bp was increasing, protein in the urine and so on. They have to rush me for emergency C’s. Now am pregnant with my 2nd baby. Am scared, have been praying seriously that God, I don’t want to pass through that pain again, never. Please let this one be as easy as ABC lol. I love your blog and snap, been fellowing you for a while. Keep it up oby. Kisses to the kids.

    • Thanks Queen. May your prayers be heard and answered.
      Don’t freak out, have faith and let God have His way. Wishing you a safe and easy delivery.


  19. After losing my son through a vb at 40+5weeks I told myself my next would definitely be an elective c-section. Thanks for the tips and heads up. Well appreciated!

  20. Wow I had my daughter via vagina birth, the process wasn’t that bad but I had massive tear that I kept asking myself which is better, I told myself I should have had cs but in d end, it’s worth it. Reading this and people’s comments scares the hell outta me about cs, the PAIN is on everyone’s lips, but like d saying goes, it is well… Thank u so much for post oby, it’s informative.

    • You’re welcome mama! Don’t be scared of a CS, truth is, it’s just a slow recovery and can be manageable if you take the pain meds, as prescribed.

      Thanks for dropping by hun x

  21. Hi oby

    Oh glad you are back, I really love you blogs. I also has CS last year October, the plan was to be induced but little girl went into distress so we opted for an emergency CS, mmmffeww girl I remember my whole body shaking just because I was afraid of C’S (never believe what Google say) I was so scared that I almost run away 😂😂😂. About the pain don’t even mention until now I struggle to explain it, I went through your experience, couldn’t even lift up my daughter my self, no one told me about the back pain after CS 😢😢😢 lucky enough my husband was always there to make sure we are comfortable , honestly I’m just thankful that my baby was saved. She will be 8 month on the 14th of this month. Yey we are warriors, we give life is that not amazing enough. Kisses to the family.

  22. Wow..Ok so my 1st was vaginal – 3rd degree tear (vagina to back!!!sorry TMI Ouch 🙄So 2nd had to be c-sec Dr said I may not heal 2nd time.I did c-sec was scared bcos I was told if u take Epidural and move u r paralyzed Im scared of needles didnt hav with 1st..I was worried abt possibility of infection. I was cryin and squeezin Dr tight as I got epidural in my back,not sure if U.S but they r more patient.One gbegborun nurse even said wow Doc she got a tight grip on u.. I remember my 1st delivery I kicked nurse in chest while pushin she nicely reaponded like u see what u did to me go ahead push more! Im like ahh whatcha think Im doin!after delivery 1st My baby was kept away from me for over 12hrs bcos my B/P went up I was taken to ICU and seperated all I could think of was mo gbe I hope they wont switch my baby I didnt get a good look😂 Back to c-sec pain is real I didnt know so of course in hosp nurses r givin umeds round the clock.So the day I get discharged from hosp smart me didnt go pick up pain meds Im like Im fine The next morning I cried from pain I couldnt even walk to pharmacy 😡pain is real o and God help the person that makes u laugh or cough and u cant slap them!So for those who say c-sec is easy way out ughh in my experience both were NOT easy but I dnt remember when Im caring for my 2 boys.Delivery isnt easy just b Thankful for lives of Mom and baby,not all can live to tell story

    • lmaoooooo @ hope they won’t switch my baby !!! My mother has that fear hahahaha

      The C-Section is really anything BUT an easy way out lol!! Thank God for safe deliveries of your 2 boys 🙂 and thank you for dropping by dear!


  23. I missed your blogs. My water broke, labour started but my baby would not drop, I didn’t want to be induced and then still end up with emergency csection so I just opted to go to theatre straight away. After the whole procedures It was visiting time and epidural wore off, I experienced the worst pain and I was vomiting too OMG it huuuurt. I called the nurses and got pain meds and felt better but couldn’t believe that I couldn’t turn my body hahahahaha
    Lotsa love from Namibia

    • There really should be a public notice about the pain when the epidural wears off lol Glad you are feeling better enough to laugh about it now!!

      You should subscribe to the blog hun, we have awesome new posts coming up xx

  24. Wow Oby thanks for sharing your story! It’s a really good read and informative (especially as I’m expecting baby number 2).
    It’s true what they say to keep an open mind about your birth plan. Jeez the shock of knowing you still bleed after a c-section though!

    • You’re welcome mama! wish you all the best with your pregnancy, and a fantastic stress-free birth 🙂

      Just read your post on “anticipating preschool” , i can soooo relate! Thanks for dropping by!


  25. I love reading your post, so much to learn and so many knowledge to gain……
    Can’t wait to be a mom and use all I have learnt from you.
    You have become a role model to me and hoping with ally heart, I get to see you someday…
    Your PP body is super LIT.

  26. Reading your posts, gives me a whole lot of deep joy.
    Can’t wait to be a yummy mom and use all the knowledge I have gained by reading your posts.
    Thanks for being a role model, wish to cap it with seeing you someday…

  27. You write so well Oby. Well done! I thoroughly loved this piece!!
    It was entertaining , yet very educative. Your posts in 2016 really prepared me for the birth of my darling daughter. She will be 1 year by the end of June. I have this feeling that this post is preparing me for another birthing experience.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope i get to meet you one day.

    With Love,
    Jemimah Adalemo

  28. Obs
    I had a little crisis before i put to bed but i was bent on not having a c-section and am thankful it all worked out fine.
    Not because of anything but the fact that i will have to take some time to heal. Already my friend gave me a picture of how it feels post partum c-section and trully after my 9 months trauma i just wanted to be back to normal and c-section seemed like a longer route.
    Till tomorrow i still give it up to all mums especially those who had their babies through c-section….

    • aaawww thank God for a safe delivery! that’s what’s most important, right?!!

      and yes, being a mom has made me appreciate my mother 10 times over!!! lol


  29. Interesting comment
    After hearing of labor pains and the tear and all that horrors of vaginal birth, I decided I would never go down that route. I opted for CS the moment I found out I was pregnant!
    So when I was 38weeks, I walked into the hospital and pulled out my daughter 😊
    But the healing process, boy o boy, it’s ain’t no joke!
    As per people talking down on you because you didn’t have vaginal birth, sorry but you can’t tell me such trash! After carrying the foetus for 9 good months amidst all the heart burn, vomiting, swollen feet, you gonna talk down on me because I opted for a different birth plan? Naah you crazy! Sorry

  30. First time here and I must say, I enjoyed every bit of reading your blogs!.. it felt like I was the one in picture!. Super proud of u Oby. ❤️❤️❤️. Weldone!


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