Work Outfits don’t have to be boring…

suit by: BCBG, shoes by: CL, bag by: Cartier, sunglasses by: rayBan, smile by: God lol

This segment of the blog is where i’ll put up pictures of and give out details of my work outfits. I’m a lawyer, and traditionally people expect lawyers to be boring…..WRONG!!! We actually have very interesting lives….i think….some of us….a few, perhaps? lol

I get quite a number of comments / DMs on my instagram (@oby_o) about my work outfits, so maybe eventually i’ll put up links on where to get what??

Anyway, here is what i wore to work a few weeks ago:

work outfit 1 work outfit 2



  1. This is lovely and please where can I get work clothes like this, i’m a lawyer too, though people say I’m fashionable, i’ll like to up my work clothes game and I hope they are pretty affordable… thanks

    • Hi! You should try ASOS, HnM, and ZARA. ASOS has prices that range from $10 to $200 and offer worldwide delivery, so that’s perfect no matter where you are!!!

    • Hahaha! Glad you like, i’m hoping i would be able to put up links soon on where to get some interesting work clothes at great prices. i love a good bargain hehehe (don’t judge lol) Stick around, i think you’ll like it x

  2. Hi Oby,

    I’m really fascinated by your story and love how you dress. Please can put some links or do an article on clothing for work.