“Seek and Count” Activity Cards by ProjectBaby (Activity 03)

Seek and Count Activity Cards

In my home, we are very big on learning through play, in any form — and even though J has known how to associate numbers and quantity very well for quite some time, I decided to create a fun way to get keep him occupied while reinforcing his knowledge of counting and simple math: hence the “Seek and Count” Activity Cards!  These would also work great as a classroom exercise – if you are a preschool teacher.

The “Seek and Count” Activity can be used for preschoolers age 3, but younger children are ready for it if:

  • they have basic number sense (can count correctly)
  • they have a solid understanding of the concept of quantity
  • it helps – but is not necessary – if children know their basic addition facts

How do you use the ‘Seek and Count” Activity Cards?

  1. You will find 5 Worksheets in the download (click here to download for FREE), containing 8 cards per worksheet; being a total of 40 cards.  Print the cards and if you desire, laminate for durability.
  2. Then cut each card out. If your Little One can cut through with a Toddler Grip safety scissors then involve them in the cutting process; as this is a good fine motor skills exercise.

3. Give your child the stack of 40 cards; you may want to start with just the simpler cards — those whose sums are 5 and under, for example.  J loves math, and is quite advanced for the numbers contained in this Activity, so I gave him the whole stack with the expectation that we would work until he got tired of them.

4. Start with a simple card to explain the skill.

“What object is this on the card — can you find some buttons from your craft box — can you count how many buttons you have found?”  

5. Follow your child’s lead. If the simple cards frustrate him, set the Activity cards aside. Try something else — ask him to find 2 apples from the fridge or bring 2 pairs of his sock. Increase the number of items as he starts to understand the concept.

On the other hand, your child might surprise you and go for the challenging cards right away.

6. Watch how your child finds the objects, and counts the correct quantity – as written on the Activity Card.

What skill is he learning / developing as he plays??

Physical: dexterity fine motor control and co-ordination skills, using small tools, hand-eye co-ordination, etc.

Math: counting, sorting, quantity, simple addition, and so on.

J and I had a lot of fun doing this Activity, and I hope you try it with your Little One(s) at home too – indoors or outdoors!

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Love & Light,

Oby O.



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