Learning Through Play – “Clip The Missing Letter Sounds” (Activity 01)

Pegs, Toddler Scissors, and Worksheets by ProjectBaby

Hey guys!!

It’s been (yet another long) minute!!! But a few of my readers here may know that I’ve been away working on something I’m super excited and proud of!!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very passionate about kids and Early Learning; with my mom being a Proprietor of a Nursery & Primary school in Nigeria (with 5 branches spread across Lagos state). Naturally, I spent parts of my holidays helping out in the Montessori Kindergarten classes; and this has essentially been the foundation of my interest in Child Care & Early Learning.

Since becoming a mom, I’m constantly creating playful (Early) learning opportunities for my 2 boys – J and CJ; my muses. And watching them learn so much, through play, has now inspired the creation of Early Learning (Resources) by ProjectBaby!


Basically, our goal at ProjectBaby is to design, recommend & deliver a variety of innovative early learning resources that seek to encourage early multi-sensorial learning, open-ended thinking & yet offers countless ways to learn through play. 

Stringing Beads Set by ProjectBaby – for improvement of fine motor skills, concentration, focus, hand-eye coordination and so much more!

From classic Educational Wooden toys to Crafts, Educational Puzzles, Montessori materials, Flashcards, Stringing Beads Set, Counting Sticks Sets, Coloring Worksheets, Nesting & Stacking Blocks, Cut-and-Paste, Handwriting Worksheets, and so much more which can be purchased right here on the blog click here to shop!

Additionally, we hope to inspire you to create and enjoy “every day” hands on learning experiences with your child(ren); which is why we have now started the “Learning Through Play” Activity Series on the blog! Basically, every week (hopefully lol), we would introduce a new practical Activity which is fun and yet offers countless ways to play!

……starting with the “Clip the Missing Letter Sounds” Activity!!

Clip with pegs

This Activity is a simple “Learning Through Play” Activity – which is very cheap, easy to set up at home and can appeal to a range of ages because the items are very tactile and fun to play with!

Now that J knows all his letter sounds (and words that they can form), we’re moving on to hearing those sounds in different parts of words, and the “Clip The Missing Letter Sounds” Activity is one fun way I’ve adopted in teaching him to hear and identify beginning, middle, and ending sounds.
For the Activity, all you need is Home laundry or Craft pegs, toddler scissors & this printable worksheet (available to download here for free).
Pegs, Toddler Scissors, and Worksheets by ProjectBaby
To use the Worksheets as cards (as i have done here) just download the worksheets, print out the 6 pages, laminate each page and cut each page into 4 squares. If your preschooler is able to manipulate a toddler safety scissors, involving them in cutting the pages into 4 squares can be a lot of fun – while still building their fine motor skills!
toddler safety scissors
….you should end up with 24 different “word cards” like this
 You could use these worksheets / Cards as an activity for early spellers, but that wasn’t my intent because J isn’t spelling yet, beyond his name and a few words like bat, cat, Rat lol (basically the “at” family).

So instead, I’ve used this Activity to focus on blending words, stretching the words out and really listening for the missing sound. He easily identifies the missing sounds when it’s the first or last letter of the word that’s missing – but those middle words give him trouble (and that’s fine!!)

the ending and beginning sounds are usually easier for beginners to the exercise / younger toddlers

Basically, what we do is, I ask J to identify the image, stretching the letter sounds slowly. Then we look at the location of the missing letter and then repeat the sound of the word again – with emphasis on the missing letter. Then I ask him if he’s able to chose the correct letter from the choices on the bottom of the card – and then clip it with a peg.

….and voila!!

Even though simple to us, the concentration and fine motor skill development necessary in order to select the correct letter, grip the peg and then clip it – can be quite an exercise for toddler hands.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did with these, especially since we have only ever done this exercise once before now.

What skill is he learning / developing as he plays??

Physical: fine motor control and co-ordination skills, using small tools, hand-eye co-ordination, grip and release exercises, etc.

Literacy: phonic sounds, letters of the Alphabets, blending words, spelling, and so on.

J and I had a lot of fun doing this Activity, and I hope you try it with your Little One(s) at home too – indoors or outdoors!

If you are interested in additional FREE printables and more “Learning Through Play” Activity inspo up on the blog, then drop a comment below, subscribe to the blog and follow us on instagram – @projectbaby_ng @playsuitsandlawsuits ! And if you are having any problems downloading the worksheets, please let us know in the comment section, and i’ll have it sent directly to your inbox!

Love & Light,

Oby O.



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