“Count and Clip The Numbers” Activity Cards!! – (Activity 02)


This Activity is designed to help your preschooler to identify numbers, as well as understand the relationship between numbers and quantity. It stimulates logical thinking, analytical thinking and is a lot of fun!

Even though J is already able to identify and count numbers 1 to 100, he had a lot of fun breezing through this Activity…especially since it involved Pegs! Peg Exercises are always fun, and are a great way to boost your Little Ones fine motor skills.

To use the Activity Cards, simply download the worksheets (click here for FREE download ), and print out all 7 pages. You may choose to laminate the pages – as I’ve done here; for durability.

Then cut the various sections horizontally; if your toddler is able to manipulate a toddler safety scissors then you may involve him / her in cutting the cards – as this is an exercise on it’s own.

Ask your preschooler to count the tulips, identify the correct number from the line up of numbers, and CLIP. Voi-La!

If you have only started Counting, then start your LO with the smaller numbers.

If you are looking for a more hands on / practical way to learn numbers and counting through Play; you can also use our Counting Sticks Set by ProjectBaby (click here to purchase) – through which the abstract concept of counting is transferred to wooden tangible numbers and sticks.

I hope you enjoy using this FREE printable counting activity for your preschoolers! If you have any questions or comment, please feel free to share below. We’ll love to hear how you introduce your LO to counting (through play?)!!!

Love & light,

Oby O



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